Are You Missing The Bigger Picture?

In the process of picking raspberries in our garden, it became really apparent how important the concept is of “where you put your focus”.

I was quite convinced that I had picked everything I could after gleaning the fruit from one section of canes. Then I took a step back – WOW! How could I have missed all that other fruit? Where did that come from? Then I took a step to the right – hey, I missed all that, too?! Every time I changed my angle, I was made aware of all the other fruit I missed.

Being a coach, I started thinking about “where else is this showing up in my life?”. Where am I narrowing my focus before assessing the bigger picture? If I need 2 cups, do I want to spend less time picking bigger berries, or spend more time picking smaller ones? Which ones do I enjoy eating the most? What’s another angle from which I can assess this picture? What areas would be good to laser in my focus, and where would it be better to step back? What’s a different way I can approach this? What else am I missing?

Interesting what we can notice from a simple activity like picking berries…

How about you – where is this showing up in your business? And, where is this showing up in your life?

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