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And Starbucks Doesn’t Sell Hunting Equipment…

This is a red bike!

The assumptions we make… :lol:

Last week I received a phone call from a fellow named Buzz. He was with a trucking company and went on for a few minutes on how his company could take my bikes, pick them up from my facility or the port and deliver them to anywhere in the US – and they had the best rates! When he finally came up for air, I said, “Buzz, I appreciate you calling and find that really interesting. Our company is a consulting group – a service. We do move our bodies from one place to another. However, we don’t have products that need truck transport.”

Buzz commented, “But your name is Red BIKE! And you don’t you sell bikes?”

Yeah,” I said with a smile on my face, “names can be funny. I was just at StarBUCKS, and they don’t sell hunting equipment! Go figure…”

Thinking it would be beneficial for Buzz to do a quick little search on the internet before he makes his next call, or at least get curious about his prospective client first to find out what their needs are. ;-) Always learn the most stuff from things that really happen to you. Do you have any “assumption” stories?

Are You Missing The Bigger Picture?


In the process of picking raspberries in our garden, it became really apparent how important the concept is of “where you put your focus”.

I was quite convinced that I had picked everything I could after gleaning the fruit from one section of canes. Then I took a step back – WOW! How could I have missed all that other fruit? Where did that come from? Then I took a step to the right – hey, I missed all that, too?! Every time I changed my angle, I was made aware of all the other fruit I missed.

Being a coach, I started thinking about “where else is this showing up in my life?”. Where am I narrowing my focus before assessing the bigger picture? If I need 2 cups, do I want to spend less time picking bigger berries, or spend more time picking smaller ones? Which ones do I enjoy eating the most? What’s another angle from which I can assess this picture? What areas would be good to laser in my focus, and where would it be better to step back? What’s a different way I can approach this? What else am I missing?

Interesting what we can notice from a simple activity like picking berries…

How about you – where is this showing up in your business? And, where is this showing up in your life?