Workshops & Classes

Moving Your Organization Forward

Tools to transport your business into the future

Learn effective leadership tools you can start using now to plan, develop, measure and ensure your business growth during this informative and interactive session.

This Executive Session is for:

  • CEO’s
  • Operations Professionals
  • Executives and Managers

People Tools (activate your right-brain!)

  • Tools to develop a higher level of employee & customer engagement
  • Build dynamic customer relationships
  • Stimulate innovative thoughts & vision
  • Listening skills redefined
  • Create successful employees

Process Tools (activate your left brain!)

  • Five critical measuring tools to use now
  • Increase business without increasing payroll
  • Data collection tips
  • Size up your competition
  • Use benchmarking data


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Improv Your Performance!

Ever wish you could be more comfortable speaking in public? Would you like to think quicker on your feet?

In this high energy, majorly interactive and totally fun experience, participants will learn improvisation training tools and techniques designed to enhance their super-star leadership skills in:

  • Front-of-the-room speaking
  • Listening and response skills
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Confidence and trust building
  • Having fun!

This is not an acting class. Our focus is on using improv training to give you greater business and personal development skills. We use improv as a social learning experience to better yourself as a professional.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Yes, Of Course, Exactomundo!
    • Learn the power of saying “yes” to advance interactions, make others feel heard and see how it leads to amazing stuff!
  • Don’t Think & Do It Fast!
    • Yes, thinking too much can lead to Frozen Mouth Syndrome! Learn techniques to get you out of your head and trust yourself!
  • Uh… There’s An Ace On Your Forehead…
    • Discover how to consciously choose your status, as well as the others around you, in any situation!
  • Here An Offer, There An Offer, Everywhere An Offer, Offer!
    • Listening for what others “offer” you will  make you an instant winner in any situation! Learn how to listen and develop a response to what you’re hearing.

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