What’s In Our Toolbox

RedBike International’s team works with you to design, implement and integrate leadership and employee engagement “ways of being” that fit your unique situation. Through experience, we know you will get to where you want to be faster with programs designed for your specific needs.

The tools we use within our programs create an environment of collaboration, innovation and trust – the elements of a healthy organization.

Tools To Create Engagement For Successful Organizations

  • Improvisation Skills for Breakthrough Business Results & Innovation
  • Organizational Change Strategy & Facilitation
  • Employee & Customer Engagement Tools
  • Results-focused Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • High Performance Teams Coaching & Development
  • Leading From Your Strengths / Strengthsfinder®
  • Team Diagnostic Assessment™
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence Development
  • Experiential Learning
  • Bigger Game™ Business Approach
  • Organizational Assessment Tools
  • Communication & Collaboration Skills Development
  • Manager-as-Coach Development
  • Utilizing Your Potential Facilitation
  • Get Your (Mental) Motor Runnin’ – engagement at it’s funnest!

Using the Balanced Organization Model™, we can show you where your business is now and the possibilities of where it could go and grow. In order to get the results you want to achieve, RedBike will work with your organization as a whole to ensure that every individual and team is striving for optimum results. Our practices utilize experiential learning, social and emotional intelligence models, systems theory, adult learning methodology, and innovative business and organizational processes. RedBike strives to bring you solutions to create success for you and your organization – because your success matters.

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