Improvisation Skills For Breakthrough Business Results

Improvisation skills allow individuals and teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively. This engaging skill set is applicable to many aspects of business including leader development, team building, innovative process creation, communication skills, presentation skills and building an environment of trust.

The benefits of business-based improv skills training include:

  • Thinking-on-your-feet capabilities
  • Ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances
  • Quick, positive, lasting change
  • Creative, constructive & productive brainstorming techniques
  • Confidence & trust building
  • Enhanced listening abilities
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Valuable communication, observation & problem-solving skills
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Better client interaction
  • Team building
  • Ability to accurately assess the needs of a given situation
  • Moves you forward in positive directions
  • Learn to deal with conflict
  • Creates positive, productive environments
  • Encourages curiosity, engagement and commitment
  • Creates better customer relations
  • A dynamic, fun, innovative environment

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