Team Coaching

Teams produce results that individuals simply cannot produce acting alone. Today, the workplace is a maze of nested teams: intact, cross-functional, project, virtual – and the pressure is on teams to form, perform and reform at an astonishing rate.

The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is a state of the art measurement tool that looks at the team as a “system”. It is a data-driven instrument that determines the team’s strengths in fourteen key areas. The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is based on a proven model that defines the necessary strengths for high-performing, sustainable, inspired teams.

After all team members complete the on-line, anonymous Assessment, we coach the team based on the test results. Our Coaches use specifically designed training exercises to energize the team and give the team useful, appropriate tools to set them on the path to immediate and sustainable improvement. Monthly follow-up coaching sessions ensure that the team progresses and improvements become ingrained in the fabric of the team system.

At the end of six months, the Team Diagnostic™ is administered once again and the results are compared to the original baseline. From real data, you will be able to measure your ROI.

The model, assessment and team coaching are based on the latest work in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, change management, and team research conducted at leading universities. Our approach to team coaching is based on systems theory and application.