Kirsten McKinnon

Kirsten McKinnon

Kirsten McKinnon, CPCC, specializes in “Engagement Management”. As a seasoned business coach and trainer, Kirsten shows organizations how to evoke their inner leaders, summoning passions and talents, inspiring shifts from maintenance to excellence and illuminate potential in others.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Kirsten’s expertise as a trainer, facilitator, speaker, strategist, advisor, researcher, writer and manager spans public and private sectors including employment and training, education, mental health, manufacturing, and all levels of government. Kirsten is driven to form cohesiveness within organizations in order for them to turn on their unique strengths, purpose and competitive edge.

At RedBike, Kirsten utilizes her expertise and insight to help clients with:

  • Business Strategies
  • Team Coaching & Development
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • Bigger Game™ Training

Kirsten’s credentials include business coaching certification and training through the highly acclaimed Coaches Training Institute, and is a graduate of CTI’s intensive Leadership Development program. She is also a certified Bigger Game™ Facilitator. Kirsten is President of Kirsten McKinnON Coaching which specializes in Executive, Organizational & Leadership coaching and training.