The Story

Red bikes take you places…

When I was a kid, I wanted a red bike. A red bike could take you places that other bikes couldn’t. They were fast, bold, daring, adventurous – and even a bit mischievous! A red bike could get you to the ends of the earth and beyond.

Several years ago, I got another type of red bike – a 2004 Harley Heritage Softail in sunglo lava red! It has taken me to new and exciting places, tested my limits, scared me to death, been the cause of total contentment (as well as contention!) and given me the ability to meet lots of great people. There have been times when we’ve fallen over, and with help, got back up. My red bike has been good to me – getting me there in one piece, rubber side down. Basically, my red bike has taught me a lot of life lessons – I’m always learning.

RedBike International started out in 1998 as HR Unlimited which provided business coaching and human resource consulting services. After forming collaborative coaching and leadership alliances, we changed the name in 2007 to RedBike International.

RedBike holds true to it’s heart. We want to help you and your organization on your journey to Destination Success. There will be times when it’s thrilling, scary, fun, irritating, awesome and harrowing. RedBike wants your journey to be incredible and your destination rewarding.

Our coaches and facilitators are totally focused on your success – because your success matters. We’ll help you on your journey, give you the tools you need to reach Destination Success and get you there rubber side down.

Thank you for your interest in RedBike International. Where would you like to go?
with appreciation,
Norma Dompier
chief engagement officer, RedBike International

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